There are countless ways to make your mark in the corporate world. Even though it’s a common misconception, starting your own business doesn’t have to be your sole option for making money. Franchising is just what you’ve been searching for.

In order to establish your own business, franchising is a great option. It is not necessary for you to be concerned about things like marketing and staffing. As an alternative, you can jump right to the fun stuff that comes with being your own boss.

Another benefit is that very little can go wrong. Entrepreneurs might feel secure in owning a firm by franchising well-established brands. In 2022, these are the 10 most lucrative franchises to buy.

Investing in a Profitable Business Model

It’s not an easy undertaking to pick a profitable franchise. When it comes to some franchises, there is a near-nonexistent danger of failure. Here are five things to look for in a successful franchise.


A franchise fee, overall investment, and royalty fees should all be taken into account. Is it making you more money than it should? There is no guarantee that a low franchise fee would result in a lesser profit.


Investigate the open and running units of the company. In general, a larger number indicates a positive omen. In addition, is the growth rate positive? Over the years, have there been a lot of closures?


Next, you need to take into account the training period and the franchisor’s infrastructure. In addition, marketing assistance, operational assistance, and financial resources are additional critical considerations.

Customer Loyalty

Investing in a company that lacks financial stability is a mistake that should not be made. Considering its size, scope, and length of operation, it’s obvious that this company has staying power. Having been in business for a long time is a plus.

Reliability of the economy

It’s not necessary to take a chance while franchising. We recommend instead that you only buy from financially sound companies. Before deciding on a franchise, check out the company’s audited financial accounts.

In 2022, these will be the ten most profitable franchises.

To discover the right franchise, we’ve taken into account the following five pillars. Read on to learn about the 10 best franchises for making money.

Ace Hardware

The initial franchise fee for Ace Hardware is between $286k and $2.1m. In 2021, it will be one of the most profitable franchises, according to the Franchise 500. Furthermore, Ace Hardware is within 15 minutes of 75% of all US residences.

Since 1976, when it began franchising, it has opened 5,312 units. Last year, the company made $16 billion in sales. Online sales increased by 81% after the company offered to deliver customers’ goods to the nearest store.

It is a safe business to invest in because of the abundance of sales and open units.


Because McDonald’s has already opened 38k restaurants, one would think it’s difficult for the company to expand further. The worldwide fast-food business, on the other hand, sells 10 orders each second. There is no doubt that this measurement is sufficient to show its ongoing success.

In 1955, McDonald’s began franchising its restaurants. You can purchase your first McDonald’s franchise for between $1.3 million and $2.2 million.

The company recently completed a $10 billion system-wide store remodel. New franchisees will greatly benefit from this modification. A McDonald’s franchise typically makes $150k in profit each year.


SuperCuts is the greatest option if you’re seeking for low-cost franchisees with high profits. Franchising costs about $144,000. In addition, their business plan is straightforward and uncomplicated to run.

In the United States alone, they have opened 2,070 locations since 1979. Supercuts, on the other hand, is increasing its overall number of franchises by 10% annually. Additionally, the investing charge has nearly doubled, bringing in an additional $262k in revenue each year.

Dunkin’ Donuts

According to the Franchise 500, Dunkin’ Donuts was ranked number one last year as the world’s most lucrative franchise. In 1955, the global chain began franchising. Nearly 13,000 apartments will be available in 2020.

An initial investment of $395k to $1.6m is required to create a Dunkin’ Donuts franchise. After that, each Dunkin’ Donuts restaurant makes roughly $100,000 per year in profit. “

While “Donuts” was omitted from the brand name in 2018, it nonetheless sold more donuts than in 2017. That’s a clear sign of a devoted and committed consumer base that you can bank on after franchising.


JAN-PRO is one of the most profitable businesses that cost less than $10,000 to start. In reality, the initial investment ranges from $1,500 to $20,000 just! Janitorial services provided by this company are unquestionably world class. Because of this, JAN-failure PRO’s rate is practically zero.

If you’re interested in franchising, you may choose from three different levels of ownership at JAN-PRO. It all depends on your level of expertise and financial resources. In addition, franchisees who choose to work from home can take advantage of flexible scheduling.

Throughout the United States, they’ve opened 8,500 locations since 2005.

The UPS Store

According to the 2020 Franchise 500 ranking, The UPS Store is the fifth most profitable franchise. Even though it began franchising in 1980, the company today boasts 5,166 locations.

It’s true that the $138k to $470k startup costs for this enterprise are prohibitive. This is a promising business to franchise, however. With this investment, you may rest assured that you will make a profit over the long term.

Pearle Vision

Since Pearle Vision’s inception in the 1950s, its innovative business model has been a resounding success. More chances for franchisees to make money have been created after Luxottica acquired the company.

Pearle Vision’s initial franchise cost is $30,000. In addition, they’ve opened 533 locations since franchising began in 1981.

Aspirational Getaways

A surefire way to make money is to run a travel agency. Founded in 1992, Dream Vacations has more than 1500 available franchise locations. Working from home might be a terrific option for franchisees.

As it turns out, this is one of the most lucrative franchises under $50,000. It is only $495 to $9800 for the initial franchise price.

At any time, you can work out.

Anytime Fitness

Sports franchises like Anytime Fitness are extremely successful. This is due to the fact that their business approach is in keeping with their name: it is available round the clock, every day of the year. As a result, this fitness franchise earns more money because it is always open.

Every minute, a new member joins Anytime Fitness. It’s safe to invest in them because they have a loyal consumer base.

Franchise fees, on the other hand, are not based on monthly sales. Instead, a monthly cost of $699 will be charged. The initial franchise fee is between $3k and $4k. Since its inception in 2002, Anytime Fitness has grown to 4,520 locations worldwide.

The Maids

After paying $12.5k, The Maids is among the most profitable franchise opportunities under $50,000. In addition, each franchise generates $1.1 million in annual revenue. You might expect to put down an initial investment of about $200,000 at the maximum.

You may expect at least $200k in return on your investment in a Maids business within the first year. In addition, the profit you make as a franchisee grows with time. For the record, their most profitable franchise made $6.5 million last year.

There are 40 years of franchising success to celebrate for the corporation. They have more than 1,300 franchised regions at this point in time. In addition, they service 40,000 households and employ 3.4 million people each week. . As a result, franchising The Maids will have an extremely low failure rate.


It is likely that you have reservations about investing in franchising. To learn everything you need to know about franchising, continue reading.

Is there a certain franchise that is the most lucrative?

As of 2021, Taco Bell is projected to be the most profitable franchise in the country, according to the Franchise 500 ranking. Franchises for the food chain have been available for nearly six decades.

They expect to have 7,567 vacant units by 2021. Another benefit is the low cost of ownership. $25k to $45k is the initial franchise fee. Finally, it’s one of the world’s most rapidly expanding franchises.

Is having a franchise a good way to make money?

Franchise ownership is only worthwhile if you choose the proper company to join forces with. Consider the following five factors before putting your money in an investment. In addition to the above, the strength of the company’s brand and its financial standing are also taken into consideration.

Entrepreneurial background is unquestionably beneficial. You won’t have to start from scratch, but it will still take a lot of time and effort to make money.


Having a franchise allows you to own a business without having to start from scratch. With a few simple steps, you may bypass the difficult portion and start making money right away.

That implies you won’t have to develop the product, advertise it, or staff it. You don’t have to do a thing!

There are a few things to keep in mind when searching for the most profitable franchise in 2021: Costs and fees, the strength of the brand, financial stability, size and expansion, and assistance all fall under this category.

Having learned the 10 most profitable franchises, you’re ready to invest in one of these businesses. Don’t forget to include in your target return, your investment cap, and the geographic location of your business.

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